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  Custom Parties & Special Events

What's Included in Our Packages:

Utensils - Servers to Set Table with Utensils 1hrs Before Dinner Service

Full Buffet Set Up with Linens, Decoration, Plateware & Dietary Signage

Choice Color Cloth Napkins - Black or White

Servers to Clear Guest Tables

Professional Chefs & Cooks

Traditional Catering Experience or Onsite Mobile Kitchen - Based On Availability -


We do not currently offer tastings for Buffets. You are more than welcome to come to our seasonal restaurant

"The Peppered Elk" and try out our general quality of food & service

Prices are for 2024 and subject to change

Evolution Exclusive Buffets

60 Person Minimum


 $7 Additional Protein / $3 Additional Hot Side

-Alberta Grassland-


Annatto Rubbed Certified Angus Inside Round

Baccolo Red Wine Demi / Creamy Horseradish

Upgrade to Whole Roasted Herb Rubbed Angus Striploin


-The Orchard Loin-


Thyme & Rosemary Pork Loin

Apple Cider Gastrique | Dried Cranberries | Apple Chips

-The New Yorker-


 Espresso & Cocoa Crusted Angus Striploin 

Smoked Cherry Jus 

-Cluck Cluck​ 2.0-


Proscuittio, Peach & Brie Stuffed Chicken

Local Nixon Honey Dijon Glaze

Dynamic Duo Buffets

-Locals Choice-


Siding 14 Braised Boneless Short Rib

Rosemary Boneless Chicken Thigh

Saskatoon Cider Gastrique & Balsamic Glaze 

-Ranch & Reef-


Whole Roasted Striploin - Vincotto Demi Glace

Grilled Shrimp Skewers – Citrus, Dill & Tarragon Pesto

-Evolution Duo​-


4oz Bacon Wrapped Filet Mignon / Port Thyme Jus

Pesto Marinated Chicken Breast / Sundried Tomato Cream

-Land & Sea-


'AAA' Braised Beef Brisket / Saskatoon Demi

Sesame Atlantic Salmon Filet / Maple Miso Glaze 

-The Brookside-


Local Rainbow Trout Filet / Burnt Orange & Ginger Gastrique

'AAA' Alberta Beef Brisket / Smoked Cherry Jus

-Shorts & Pork-


Siding 14 Braised BBQ Short Rib / Cattleman Demi

Char Sui Pork Tenderloin / Charred Peach Glaze

-Open Prairie-


Braised Local Rangeland Bison Brisket / Saskatoon Demi

Peach & Brie Stuffed Chicken / Coconut Mango Cream

Buffet Inclusions

All Meals Include:

Italian Style Focaccia / Whipped Butter / Variety of Pickled Fare 

Vegetable Crudité & House Ranch Dip / Seasonal Hot Vegetables  

Coffee, Tea & Water Stations with Biodegradable Cups

*And Your Choices of the Following*

Grains & Starches

Choice of One 

Rosemary Creamers

Lemon Thyme Roasted Fingerlings

Roasted Redskin Potato Wedges

Roasted Garlic Whipped Potato

Shoal Lake Wild Rice Pilaf

Old's Urban Farm Mushroom Farrotto  

Salads Composed

 Choice of Three

Nixon Honey & Pineapple Slaw

Mediterranean Style Greek

Watermelon, Cilantro & Feta

Red Skin & Maple Potato

Sundried Tomato Fusilli 

Asian Style Ponzu Noodles

Balsamic Mushroom Medley

Pesto Three Cheese Tortellini 

Creamy Cucumber & Dill

Mixed Market Greens

Choice of Two

Spinach & Strawberry Almond

Lemon Caper Caesar

Harvest Greens - Choice Dressings

Kale, Quinoa & Cranberry  

Cranberry & Almond Arugula 

Mango Dressing

Chef Tended Confections

Choice of One

Double Fudge Brownie

 Ice Cream Stack

  Brownie Sandwich Stack

 Espresso Flake Ice Cream

Whipped Topping

Marracino Cherry

Chocolate Ruby Champagne Cake

Champagne Cake / Blackberry Syrup

Ruby Chocolate / Champagne Mousse

Whip Topping / Mint

Flambeed Banana Foster

 French Vanilla Ice Cream

Thin French Crepe

 Back 40 Rum

 Flambéed Bananas

Brown Sugar & Spice

Classic Manhattan

New York Style Cheesecake 

 Saskatoon Compote

 Rig Hand Cherry 

Moscato Mix Berries

Whipped Topping

The Creme Brulee

 Smooth & Creamy Custard / Torched Sugar - Choice of One

Chai Tea & Salted Caramel or

Matcha & Nixon Honey or

Irish Cafe Mocha or

Traditional French Vanilla

Individual Apple Crisp

Hand Made Artisan Individual Crisps

Sweet Apples / Streusel Crust

French Vanilla Ice Cream

Caramel Sauce


Evolution Plated Dinners

Availability up to 200 People

All meals contain a main entrée selection and 2 additional courses (Soup, Starter, Salad, Dessert).

Additional Courses Available Upon Request

 Please note that only one menu may be chosen for the entire group.

Combine any 2 plated entrees for a “Plated duo Entree” - Add an additional $7 to the higher priced entree. 


Parsnip & White Chocolate Bisque

Roasted Parsnip / Root Vegetables 

Callebaut White Chocolate 

Beet Creme Fraiche


Canadian Maple & Butternut Squash

Butternut Squash / Harvest Vegetables

Quebec Maple Syrup 

Chive Cream


Antipasto Skewers

Pesto Bocconcini / Fire Grilled Peppers

Button Mushrooms / Grape Tomato 

 Spiced Arugula / Balsamic Glaze


Stuffed Yorkshire Duo

Braised Alberta Beef / Horseradish Aioli 

 Scallion / Port Jus


Mandarin Spinach

Baby Spinach / Bermuda Onion / Rainbow Carrot / Mandarin Orange

Toasted Almond / Poppyseed Dressing


Peppered Elks Signature Caesar 

Romaine / Hickory Bacon / Herb Crouton Shaved Parmigiano / Lemon Caper Dressing


6 oz Pork Tenderloin


Char Sui Pork Tenderloin

Charred Peach Glaze 

Butternut Puree

Green Asparagus

Sweet Basil Polenta

Beef Tenderloin


Kicking Horse Espresso & Cocoa Crusted

 Alberta Beef Tenderloin

Vincotto Demi

Green Asparagus / Spaghetti Squash

Woodland Mushroom Farrotto

8 oz Alberta Prime Rib


Certified Angus Canadian Prime Rib

Mini Yorkshire / Vincotto Demi

Seasonal Market Vegetables

Confit Potato

Stuffed Chicken


Prosciutto / Peach / Brie

Saskatoon Cider Compote

Select Market Vegetables

Italian Basil Polenta

6 oz Atlantic Salmon


 Sesame Crusted Atlantic Salmon

Yuzu Gastrique / Vegetable Nest

Creamed Manitoba Wild Rice

Plated Desserts

Duo Creme Brûlée

Salted Carmel Chai

Irish Cafe Mocha

Traditional French Vanilla

Matcha & Nixon Honey

Manhattan Cheesecake

Rich & Creamy Cheesecake

Mixed Berry Compote / Whip Topping


Chocolate Lava Cake

Decadent Chocolate Cake

Molten Chocolate / Whip Topping


Carrot Cake

Cream Cheese Frosting

Toasted Walnut & Almond / Coconut

Whip Cream / Apple Carrot Compote

Whip Topping / Mint

Ruby Chocolate

Champagne Cake

Champagne Cake / Blackberry Syrup

Ruby Chocolate / Champagne Mousse

Whip Topping / Mint

Cookouts & Rehearsal Dinner

Minimum 30 Guests

Planning a rehearsal dinner? Evolution Catering offers flexible dinner packages for informal dinners and cook-outs. 

Sit back, relax, and enjoy some quality family time before the big day, while we take care of the cooking! 

Rehearsal Packages only available for those groups with wedding package bookings


Charbroiled Chicken


Rig Hand House BBQ Sauce

Pork Chops


Nixon Honey & Smoked Dijon Glaze

Pulled Pork


Rig Hand Whisky BBQ Sauce

 Cubano Sandwich


Focaccia Loaf




Back 40 BBQ Sauce

Craft Brioche

Burger Bar


Angus Chuck Patty & Fixin's

7 oz

 Alberta Striploin


Urban Farms Mushrooms

Boneless Beef 

Short Rib


Vincotto Demi

BBQ Atlantic

Salmon Filet


Miso & Soy Glazed

 Northern Gold

 Shaved Beef


Horseradish Aioli / Pretzel Bun


 Herb Chicken


Siding 14 BBQ Sauce

Grilled Spolumbo Sausage


Chicken & Apple


All Meals Include

Coffee, Tea & Water 

Craft Soda & Pepsi Products Charged On Consumption

And Your Choice Of The Following:

Market Greens

 Choice of 1 

Harvest Greens


Strawberry Spinach

Composed Salads

Choice of 2

Red Skin Potato Maple Salad

Nixon Pineapple Cabbage Slaw

Honey Mustard Broccoli Crunch

Traditional Mediterranean Greek

Asian Style Ponzu Noodles

Ranch House Pasta Salad

Balsamic Mushroom Medley

Chipotle Cucumber Dill

Field Fare

Choice of 1

Sweet Corn Succotash

Roasted Root Vegetables

Evolution Baked Beans

Corn on The Cobb (Seasonal Only)


Choice of 1

Baked Potato Saloon

 French Fries

Roasted Red Skin Creamers


Choice of 1

Traditional Salted Carmel Apple Crisp

Strawberry Shortcake

Brownie Sandwich Stack - Expresso Flake Ice Cream

Chilled Dips

All dips include herb crostini and naan dippers

Heirloom Tomato Basil Bruschetta

$4 PP

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

$4 PP

Spinach & Artichoke Dip

$4 PP

Evolution 7 Layer Mexican Dip

$4 PP

Cocktail Platters

 Small platters feed 10 ppl

 Large platters feed 25 ppl

Market Fresh Fruit

Sml $39 / Lrg $79

Charcuterie/Fresh Rolls

Sml $89 / Lrg $149

Vegetable Crudité 

Dill Ranch Dip

Sml $49 / Lrg $79

Antipasto Skewer Platter

Sml $59 / Lrg $99

Pickled Fare

Sml $39 / Lrg $59

Import & Domestic Cheese/ Naan Bites & Crackers

Sml $79 / $149

Assorted Sandwiches

Minimum 25 People

Make Any Sandwich Platter A Soup Combo For $5.00 Per Person

Add Evolution Craft Potato Chips & Chipotle Dill Dip For $4.00 Per Person

Craft Pockets & Artisan Sandwiches


Roast Chicken Club / Lettuce, Tomato, Aioli / Hoagie

Thanksgiving Pockets (Turkey, Stuffing, Cranberry)

Grilled Vegetable Focaccia 

Italian Style Deli on Focaccia 

Alberta Shaved Beef on a Hoagie

Corporate Cut Sandwiches


Black forest Ham & Aged Cheddar / Bavarian Mustard

Roast Beef & Gouda / Lettuce / Horseradish Aioli

Pastrami & Gouda / Lettuce / Honey Mustard

Egg Salad / Scallion

Tuna Salad / Celery / Dill Pickle / Scallion

Late Night Fare

Served 10 PM until 11 PM (One Hour Service Time)

For Later Service Additional Staffing Charges Will Apply

*Late Night Charges Based on 80% of Guests in Attendance*

Craft Poutine / $12 PP

Braised Beef / Pulled Chicken

Packaged Cheese Curds

Red Wine Gravy

The Taco / $12 PP

Soft Tortilla / Hard Shell Jumbo Taco

Spiced Mexicasa Ground Beef / Pub Style Mixed Cheese

Lettuce / Tomato / Scallion / Salsa / Sour Cream

Hand Turned Pizza/$10 PP

Hot from the Kitchen

Hand Turned Dough / Basil Pizza Sauce

New York Pepperoini / The Deluxe Three Cheese / Everything Meat

The Burger Bar / $12 PP

Ground Chuck Patty / Golden Brioche

Aged Cheddar / Lettuce / Tomato / Bermuda Onion / Dill Pickle

Mustard / Mayonnaise / Ketchup / Relish

The Belgium Waffle / $9 PP

Warm Belgium Waffle 

Triple Sec Strawberry Compote

Whipped Cream

Chicken & Apple Spolumbo/$11 PP

Spolumbo's Chicken & Apple Sausage 

Poppyseed Bun / Wine Kraut

Mustard / Mayonnaise

Funnel Cake Fries / $9 PP

Hot off The Truck Funnel Cake Fries

Powdered Sugar  

Strawberry & Grand Marnier Compote