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Celebrations of Life

Evolution Catering & ​Events can help with the details during these difficult times.

We include full set up of the buffet, disposable plateware, napkins & utensils as required.


Pick Three Dips


 Tomato Cucumber Basil Bruschetta With Balsamic

Herb & Garlic Crostini | Mini Naan Dippers

$2 PP


Pickled Beet Hummus

Mini Naan Dippers | Assorted Crackers

$2 PP


Baby Spinach & Basil Artichoke

Tortilla Chips | Garlic Crostini 

$2 PP


Evolution 7 Layer Mexican Nacho Dip

Tortilla Chips | Mini Naan Dippers

$3 PP

New England Seafood Dip

Mini Naan Dippers | Garlic Toasted Crostini 

$3 PP

Creamed Roasted Red Pepper & Guacamole

Tortilla Chips | Mini Naan Dippers

$2 PP

Greek Style Whipped Feta

Garlic Crostini | Mini Naan Dippers

$3 PP

Market Fresh Fruit

Seasonal Variety of Fresh Fruits

$49 Sml / Lrg $99



Mortadella | Genoa Salami | Capocollo | Ham

$99 Sml / Lrg $149


Vegetable Crudité

Buttermilk Ranch Dill Dip

$49 Sml / Lrg $89


Antipasto Platter

Pesto Roasted Peppers | Balsamic Mushrooms | Grilled Zucchini  Artichoke Hearts | Basil Bocconcini Cheese

$99 Sml / Lrg $149


Shrimp Bowl

Served with House Cocktail Sauce & Lemon

5Lbs | $149  / 10Lbs | $249

Import & Domestic Cheese

Assorted Crackers & French Loaf

$79 Sml / Lrg $149

Sml Platters Feed 10

Lrg Platters Feed 25


Portered Appetizers

Appetizers are great for feeding guests prior to the main event of your function, or even a hosted "gala" event . 

Pick 3 Appetizers For $12 PP / Pick 5 Appetizers for $16 PP / Pick 7 Appetizers for $21 PP 

Honey Ricotta Peach Crostini - Balsamic Glaze 

Beetroot Hummus - Evolution Vegetable Chips

Tropical Bruschetta - Strawberry Balsamic

Assorted Pinwheel Wraps

Smoked Salmon Cucumber Rolls 

Antipasto Skewers

Vegetarian Mango Avocado Salad Rolls



Crab Stuffed Mushrooms

Crispy Chicken or Cauliflower Wings - Assorted Flavors

Craft Alberta Beef Sliders

Stuffed Yorkshire Pudding - Alberta Beef - Horseradish Aioli

Siding 14 Beer Cheese Dip - Naan Dippers

Chicken Satay - Peanut Ponzu Sauce

Swedish Style Beef Meatballs



Between The Grains

Minimum 30 People

Make Any Sandwich Platter A soup Combo for 5.00 Per Person

Add Evolution Potato Chips for 4.00 Per Person

Craft Artisan Sandwiches

$12 PP


Roast Chicken Club / Lettuce, Tomato, Aioli - Hoagie Bun

Thanksgiving Bunwich (Turkey, Stuffing, Cranberry)

Grilled Vegetable - Italian Focaccia

Italian Deli - Soft Italian Focaccia

Alberta Shaved Beef - Rustic Hoagie

Corporate Texas Cut

$8 PP


Blackforest Ham & Aged Cheddar | Grainy Dijon

Roast Beef & Smoked Gouda | Horseradish Aioli

Pastami & Gouda | Lettuce | Honey Dijon

Farm Egg Salad | Green Scallion

Tuna Salad | Celery | Dill | Scallion


Wraps & Pinwheels

Minimum 30 People

Make Any Sandwich Platter A soup Combo for 5.00 Per Person

Add Evolution Potato Chips for 4.00 Per Person

Roll-Up Wrap Combination

$14 PP


Roast Chicken Club - Mexicasa Wrap

Grilled Vegetable - Whole Wheat Wrap

Italian Style Deli - Spinach Wrap

Alberta Shaved Beef - Spinach Wrap

Egg Salad & Tuna Salad- Whole Wheat Wrap

Assorted Pinwheels

$15 PP


Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese - Spinach

Ham & Cucumber - Mexicasa

Roast Beef & Bacon Onion Jam - Spinach

Italian Deli - Whole Wheat

Tuna Salad & Egg Salad - Whole Wheat


Sweet Finish

Decadent Slab Cakes

$120 Each


Traditional Cherry Black Forest

Carrot Cream Cheese

Cappuccino Chocolate 

Strawberry Shortcake

Mousse Cake Bites

$5 PP


Mango | Mocha | Raspberry

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