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Our Responsibility 

At Evolution Catering, reducing our "eco footprint" is something we have built into our day to day operations when possible. We make every effort to address each area of our business to continually develop ways we can make less of an environmental impact. 

Below are a few ways we are trying to make a difference. 


Being mindful of Covid-19, when possible we encourage our staff to Carpool.

When we have offsite events we make every effort possible to minimize the amount of vehicles we use to get to location.

Eco Friendly Cleaning Supplies

We strive to maintain clean and sanitary work environments at all times.

When possible, Eco friendly AHS approved alternatives are used for cleaning.

This protects our guests, staff as well as ensures the impact on our water system is minimal. 



Minimizing the use of single use menus is just the first step in reducing our paper waste.

 Our menus are available online



Event documents/billing/receipts and other information that is utilised by both client and Evolution Catering are sent digitally . Unless requested by our clients. 



 " To Go" containers

Our recycling program has been developed to maximize the amount of products that can be organized and separated on site to be recycled rather than hit the trash bin. 

We realise that "To Go" containers are necessary, our containers are not just biodegradable but compostable.

Reduced Water Usage

Face it doing the dishes is not the fun job when finishing up an event. But there are some ways we can reduce the impact on the environment, while making the job a little easier while we are at it.

We utilize a product called "plate scrape" which is a tool that cleans off our plates quick and easy with limited water use. 

This reduces our overall water consumption at the sink by 93% compared to an average sprayer! Be sure to check our social media to see this in action! 

Partnered Local Vendors

By partnering with local businesses we support our community in many ways. We can build relationships with local vendors to support each other in the good times and the bad. Our community boasts a wealth of products that can be used in our catering services as well as our restaurant.  By using these companies we cut down our eco fingerprint in several ways .

  • Travel times of product are limited, greatly reducing how much environmental impact our vehicles create. A great example is a case of potatoes can be purchased from right here in Central Alberta instead of being packed in other countries and transported great lengths to get to our kitchen.
  • Product quality is higher and better yield, reducing waste %
  • Product packaging is often less intensive. As the product needs to travel much shorter distances. Often products are packed heavily to ensure quality over distance. This helps reduce packaging waste . 
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